Cold Storage and Logistics

Optimised storage and logistics of all biologic materials for large molecule R&D

Controlled and secure storage and logistics of your biologic material, tailored to your needs. From agile logistics management and shipping of materials in the flow of an active R&D project, to long-term archival storage and everything in between

Flexible capacity with no volume requirements, we can store and manage a single cryobox, or multiple dedicated freezer units

Our expert shipping and logistics team will handle all care and onward logistics of materials from the second we receive your material. We can even organise pickup of materials from your location to ours.

Sample storage and logistics by bench scientists for bench science. We know that temperature matters, especially when “the product is the process”

Our purpose is your peace of mind with regards
to your precious materials:

This service is built on >18 years of combined company experience in biologic material storage and logistics

We have stored and managed hundreds of thousands of biological samples for research & development work

0 hours of unplanned time “out-of-environment” in
>9 years of research material storage

Track record of seamless shipping globally including through routes and areas of high customs complexity,
on time and well received

Range of storage units to support your temperature needs Stringent storage and logistics protocols and support systems to ensure material integrity and enable R&D reproducibility
4°C to -20°C in industry-standard fridge/freezer units Constant temperature monitoring with electronic reports provided to customers
-80°C in Ultra-Low Freezers 24/7/365 alarm systems and manned building security
-196°C in Vapour Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tanks Dedicated Business Continuity team
State-of-the-art facilities located in an area of exceptionally low disaster risk
Single sample end-to-end tracking and control of your precious materia
Unique custodian model – one person as your point-of-contact with a 360 view of your stored inventory and material movement

Interested in our services?

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to our customers’ needs, if you need R&D sample/material storage or logistics and the exact solution you are looking for is not described above, please reach out to us and tell us what you need. Our standard-setting mix of facilities, equipment, protocols, support systems and people is all but guaranteed to be able to help!

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