Cell Line Development

Stable Cell Line Development

Lead Candidate Monoclonal Cell Line Generation for Antibody Production

Utilizing CHOZN® & UCOE® Combined Platform, for generation of stable cell lines for mAbs, bispecifics and Fc-Fusion production, with high yield (average of 4-8g/L) as well as high stability (up to 60 generations).

CHOZN® GS-/- Knock out Cell line is ECACC CHO K1 origin, adapted to suspension growth in chemically defined, animal component-free media. Enables rapid cell line development by metabolic selection without the addition of MSX, MTX and Antibiotics.

Optimized UCOE® GS vector for higher integration efficiency, with stable and high-level gene expression.

Functional and binding assays, as well as QC and Extensive Characterization in support of Stable Cell Line Generation are also available. To know more, please review: Antibody Characterization – Flow Eighteen38


Stable Cell Lines Expressing the Antigen of interest

Our Cell Line Development Services enables the development of Stable Cell Lines Expressing the Antigen of interest for your discovery projects, to be used for selections/screening, immunization protocols or characterization assays:

  • Clone the gene of interest into the vector that we have available (pCDNA3.1) or send us the vector that you want to use.
  • Choose from the cells that we have available (CHO-K1; HEK293) or other of your choice.
  • Get stable pools or single clone according to your needs.
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Flow Eighteen38 prides itself on the ability to cater to partners’ needs. If the exact solution you are looking for is not described above, please reach out with what you need. Flow Eighteen38’s extensive track record of expertise and experience solving unique and challenging projects allows us to tailor deliver the best solution for you.

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