Antigen Production

Special antigens that you might need for antibody discovery

This process includes a literature search on the protein that drives the strategy design. The antigens are then produced in mammalian expression systems (EXpiCHOTM, ExpiHEKTM) and purified using affinity and size exclusion chromatography methods. QC is done via reducing and non-reducing SDS-PAGE, HPLC-SEC and relevant functional assays such us binding to ligand or to antibody control. In addition, the produced antigen can be biotinylated or conjugated to fluorochromes and QCed to be used further in phage and mammalian display campaigns.


  • Type | Receptor
  • TCR complex
  • Enzyme
  • MHC-peptide
  • Cytokine/peptide
  • Multi-span TM
  • ECM

Literature search and design

  • Domain boundaries
  • Species
  • Homologue
  • Ligand
  • Hetero-dimer partner

Gene synthesis and QC

  • Cloning into expression vector
  • Sequence confirmation
  • Transfection to system

Expression into production system

  • ExpiCHO
  • ExpiHEK

Affinity purification & Preparative SEC

  • Tags
  • His-tags

Antigen QC

  • Reducing/non-reducing SDS-PAGE
  • Blinding to ligand or control antibody

Antigen Biotinylation

  • Biotinylation QC

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