Antibody Characterization

We create data packages and screening cascades to fit your needs

Our antibody characterization services focus on developing assays to aid in the selection and ranking of candidate molecules, characterization of leads and look at early developability indicators to enable fast tracking through development stages.
We can do individual analysis and/or work with you to create data packages and screening cascades that best suit your project, throughout your research workflow. Functional assays in support of biophysical characterisation of antibodies are also available.

Fully customized screening cascades and work packages help you differentiate candidates

Build the bigger picture! Taylor made characterization workflows to fast track your leads through development

Characterization under non stressing conditions Stability Screenings Storage stability
Solubility Tm/Tagg determination Freeze/Thaw studies
Self interactions pH and ionic strength screening Isothermal stability under accelerated stressing conditions
Hydrophobicity Aggregation reversibility assessment
Charge variants: IEX, cIEF Impact of concentration on aggregation kinetics
Sizing: HPLC-SEC, DLS, CE-SDS Pre formulation screenings: Buffers and excipients
Identity: Intact Mass and Peptide mapping PTM analysis

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We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to our customers' needs, if you need R&D sample/material storage or logistics and the exact solution you are looking for is not described above, please reach out to us and tell us what you need. Our standard-setting mix of facilities, equipment, protocols, support systems and people is all but guaranteed to be able to help!

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