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FairJourney Biologics expands into new facilities in Porto, Portugal

Newly purpose-built research center supports rapid expansion of Company

Porto, Portugal– 01 September 2021: FairJourney Biologics S.A. (FJB), leader in the discovery and optimization of antibodies, today announced it has relocated into a larger, newly purpose-built research center in Porto, Portugal. The new premises support the Company’s expansion and plans for further growth.

FairJourney Biologics now occupies over 200,000 square feet, with the new premises containing 140 fully equipped laboratories, meeting rooms and social areas, as well as green spaces and leisure areas to promote employee well-being. The state-of-the-art facility will house more projects and industry leading equipment, enabling the Company to support more clients and carry out world-class research into antibody-based drugs.

António Parada, CEO of FairJourney Biologics commented: Our relocation into a new research center demonstrates our trajectory toward further growth. The move is an exciting development for the Company and gives us the flexibility to support more projects and continue to expand our market-leading antibody library.”

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