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FlowEighteen38 is a new brand of the FairJourney Biologics group born to facilitate and accelerate antibody projects by delivering purified proteins and/or characterisation data of antibody panels and of lead candidates. This is complementary to our mammalian display and phage display discovery platforms and will further reduce risk for our partners by selecting the right antibody lead for cell line development and manufacturing

FairJourney Biologics and IONTAS combined capabilities in 2020 as a fee for service antibody discovery company. The combined operations allow a complete offering around antibody discovery. Uses fully validated naïve libraries with parallel immune approaches and the unrivalled mammalian display technology to optimise antibody discovery research. The team of more than 100 scientists, anchored in a high-profile network of advisors, has successfully completed more than 500 projects, with over 100 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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One brand, three companies.

Our distinct and leading international brands joined forces to enable our current and future partners access to premium antibody discovery solutions, including the ability to leverage highly sought-after scientific know-how and expertise across our unified organization.

This combination creates a leading global antibody discovery CRO within our industry, offering unparalleled antibody services and technology platforms to global biopharmas , biotechs, universities, virtual companies and other innovative partnerships.

FairJourney Biologics

FairJourney Biologics is a leading biologics CRO, providing integrated services across antibody discovery, engineering and production to global biopharma. The Company’s significant expertise in phage display technology, combined with a diverse approach to generating both immune and naïve antibody libraries have contributed to a market leading 99%+ project success rate.

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IONTAS offers services for antibody discovery using Phage Display Technology and Mammalian Display. The innovative Mammalian Display platform enables full-length antibodies to be expressed in the context of a mammalian cell, thereby allowing selection based on function, stability, expression and developability.

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Flow Eighteen38

Flow Eighteen38 offers antibody production, from 96-well plates to deliver micrograms up to large scale, to deliver grams. Flow Eighteen38's services also comprise technologies for further functional and biophysical characterization including mass spectrometry, SPR, DLS, SLS, cIEF, CE-SDS, and chromatography methods. The services include antigen production, for use as immunogens and to generate new antibodies and reagents for research.

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Our Story

Our organization was founded in 2012, with the goal of becoming the leader in antibody discovery by solving our clients needs. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength serving over 100 customers and completing over 500 projects worldwide. View some of our milestones by scrolling across.

  • 2012 Incorporation
    FairJourney Biologics and IONTAS incorporated
  • 2012
    1st Project and 1st Lab
  • 2013
    1st FTE contract Profitable
  • 2014
    1st Internal project
  • 05/2014
    VHH llama library
  • 06/2015
    1st Big pharma contract
  • 08/2015
    Human Library
  • 07/2016
    3200m2 New facilities
  • 08/2017
    Mammalian Display Patent
  • 11/2017
    Triple Vector patent
  • 2018
    1st Co-developed
    antibody licensed
  • 2019
    1st Licence on
    Mammalian Display
  • 05/2020
    IONTAS acquisition

Flow Eighteen38 launch

“We see Flow Eighteen38 as a significant milestone in combining knowledge across our organization into a new business unit. We look forward to expanding on our innovation in antibody discovery into the protein purification and characterization space, to offer faster and quality solutions for our current and future partners.”

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